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How can Hair Genesis Products combat Male & Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Thoroughly cleanse the scalp and hair follicles, helping to remove harmful DHT...

Help prevent harmful DHT from binding (locking) inside the hair follicles Androgen Receptor Sites (ARS)...

Then help strengthen and protect the hair follicles and roots with nutrients ...

Further helps to inhibit / block the production of more DHT in the body & on the scalp ... 

Now also helps to combat a second major cause of pattern hair loss: Inflamation in the hair follicles ...

Hair Genesis is the only hairloss treatment product on the market (whether drug or botanical) which combats TWO(2) significant causes of hairloss: harmful DHT plus Inflammation in the hair follicles ...

Hair Genesis is the only botanical hair loss treatment product which has multiple independent, third party research studies and also the only non-drug hairloss product for Men and Women with any research study results which have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals ...

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Common Questions

Questions and Answers

If you have a question about one of our products, first read any related website pages, such as ingredients or research studies. If your question is regarding another hair loss treatment product, read one of the related product comparison pages.

If you don't find your answer there, please email our Customer Service department or use the Online Contact Form. We will try to reply to your email as soon as possible, usually before the end of the next business day.

Index of Questions

How can I know that HairGenesis can work for me also?

Can I use Hair Genesis if I am pregnant or nursing?

Have there been any studies on Hair Genesis?

Can Hair Genesis help me to thicken my hair?

Why are HairGenesis hairloss products different than all other hairloss treatments?

Will HairGenesis grow hair on other parts of my body?

What is the success rate with using HairGenesis?

If I am losing my eyebrows, can Hair Genesis help me?

How soon can I expect to see results with Hair Genesis?

If I have lost most or all of my hair, can HairGenesis help me?

Are there any side effects using Hair Genesis?

Can I use my own hair styling products while using Hair Genesis?

How long should I use the Hair Genesis products?

Can I continue to perm, dye or straighten my hair while using HairGenesis?

What happens to my hair if I stop using HairGenesis?

If my hairloss is due to a bad perm, hair coloring dye or hair straightening system, can HairGenesis help me?

Will HairGenesis interact with my vitamins or medications?

Is Hair Genesis available in hair salons or stores?

Will HairGenesis work for me?

Hair Genesis has worked for thousands and thousands of other people, why couldn't it also work for you? Since 1995, long before most other botanical hairloss products were even around, HairGenesis has been successfully helping people suffering from Male and Female pattern hairloss with innovative products based on scientific research and cutting-edge technologies of product development and application. Now with our newest and improved formulations, no other hairloss treatment products compare.

If your hair is thinning or falling out due to male or female pattern baldness, then this is exactly what our products are designed to combat. If your hair loss is caused by some other problem, such as alopecia areata, then you should consult a dermatologist or other health care professional.

If you have other members of your family who have thinning hair or hairloss, then there may be a pattern hair loss problem in your family line. If you have tried other products and they did not work for you, perhaps it was because those other products do not or can not effectively fight pattern hair loss due to the effects of DHT or other factors which cause hairloss, despite the claims they may make.

Hair Genesis products have been clinically tested and independently verified to help stop thinning hair and hair loss due to pattern hairloss and now inflammation in the scalp hair follicles. When used properly, Hair Genesis hairloss products do work for so many Men and Women, regardless of race or ethnicity. But be patient ... you probably didn't lose your hair suddenly. Therefore, it will take time for the DHT Blockers and other ingredients in our products to start combating the effects of harmful DHT and other causes of pattern hairloss.

Have there been any Studies on Hair Genesis?

Apart from the hairloss drugs Finasteride (Propecia / Proscar) and Minoxidil (Rogaine and generic minoxidil brand name products), there have been more studies on HairGenesis than any other botanical hair loss treatment product. In fact, most other non-Drug / botanical hairloss treatment products do not have even one research study or scientific test using their products.

The specific botanical composition found in HairGenesis has been tested under a number of clinical studies, including this landmark Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, IRB Monitored, FDA Regulated research.

As such, HairGenesis has the only non-Drug / herbal hair loss treatment products to have accomplished this important goal. This means that, unlike many other hairloss treatment products - which make claims of abnormally high success rates - Hair Genesis can objectively and independently support its claims of effectiveness and safety with actual legitimate scientific research and proven clinical evidence which has further been analyzed and reviewed by others in the scientific field.

Moreover, no other non-Drug / botanical hairloss treatment product has any study published in a Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal. Yet now, besides multiple research studies and clinical trials, Hair Genesis also has two successful research studies published in established Peer-Reviewed Medical Journals.

What that means is objective, independent, 3rd party review and endorsement that Hair Genesis works!

Why are HairGenesis hairloss products different?

Hair Genesis hair loss products have been designed to combat the harmful effects of DHT both internally and topically on the scalp. The reason for this is that the hormone Testosterone (females also have a smaller amount of this in their bodies) is converted by the enzyme 5 Alpha Reductase ( 5AR ) into Di Hydro Testosterone - DHT both inside the body and on the scalp. In either case, the DHT finds its way into the hair follicles and there binds to, or locks to, the many androgen receptor sites (ARS) inside the scalp follicles.

Therefore in order for the hairloss treatment products to be more effective, Hair Genesis products combat the DHT both inside the body (through the use of the Oral softgel DHT Blockers (5AR Inhibitors) as well as through the use of one or more of the topical products also containing the DHT Blockers (Topical Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner)

Few of the herbal hairloss products available today have an oral DHT Blockers product, a topical scalp lotion with DHT Blockers and a topical Shampoo with DHT Blockers. Hair Genesis has all three (plus a Conditioner). What is more - Hair Genesis is proven to work. Hair Genesis products have numerous research studies, clinical tests and two published reports to support its formulations and effectiveness.

Through a proprietary scientific process, when you begin to use the HairGenesis Oral soft gels / DHT Blockers, they start to block the further formation of DHT in the body internally. When there is less and then no more DHT being formed in the body, there is less and no more DHT that can find its way to the hair follicles and cause hair to grow thin and fall out.

Likewise the topical products in the Hair Genesis treatment regimen offer an effective means for delivering powerful DHT Blocking ingredients directly to susceptible scalp hair follicles. All three of the topical products contain the same powerful  DHT Blockers which are in the Oral soft gel DHT Blockers.

What is the Success Rate using Hair Genesis?

The HairGenesis hair care products work for the vast majority of users. Through the Double Blind, Placebo Controlled published research study, Hair Genesis products - Generation 3 was been clinically proven and independently verified to be at least 60% effective.

This was verified through both open label and placebo controlled clinical research testing.  For example, in the Peer Reviewed and Published Study, the HairGenesis oral formulation DHT Blockeres (5AR Inhibitors) stopped hair loss in all treatment patients examined within the study. By way of contrast, control patients in the same study experienced continued hair loss. Generation 3 HairGenesis was as good as the Finasteride hair loss drugs, but without their unpleasant side effects, adverse warnings and high price tags. Now, with New & Improved Generation 4 HairGenesis, we believe our hairloss treatment products significantly more effective and certainly more safe to use than the hair loss drugs using Finasteride - and with a much lower average cost as well!

Now with the New and dramatically Improved HairGenesis products - Generation 4, we believe that the effective success rate is going to be much higher than even 60%. We believe that Hair Genesis is as much as 70% effective or more.

Compare the much higher objective and proven success rates of natural, safe and easy to use herbal HairGenesis with these other products:

Minoxidil for Men 26% /  Minoxidil for Women 19%
( such as used in Rogaine™, Avacor™, Follicare™, Hair Advantage™, Kirkland Minoxidil™, Provillus™, ScalpMed™, and generic Minoxidil )
but has various multiple negative side effects and problems, especially for women,
such as growing facial hair.

Finasteride for Men About 60%
( Finasteride™, Propecia™, Proscar™ )
but has multiple negative side effects and
a serious adverse warning

How soon can I expect to start noticing Results?

Although HairGenesis starts working immediately, visible or noticeable relevant results generally take between two to four months. This is due in part, among various other factors, to the three stages that normal hair growth goes through. Although some people may observe positive changes in the quality, length, thickness or rate of growth of their hair in a shorter period of time, about three months on average of regular daily usage is recommended in order to begin to determine the benefit being provided.

Are there any Side Effects using Hair Genesis?

No, there are no known potential side effects with using any of the Hair Genesis hair loss treatment products. When used as directed, our hairloss treatment products are completely safe and very effective to use. This is one of the many additional benefits of using our proven herbal products, versus the various hairloss drugs (such as Finasteride, Propecia,  Proscar) or the hair loss products containing the blood-pressure drug Minoxidil (Rogaine, Avacore, Follicare, Hair Advantage, Kirkland Minoxidil, Provillus, Scalp Med general Minoxidil ...)

How long should I use HairGenesis for hairloss?

Hair Genesis is an extremely easy to use and cost effective solution that fights pattern hair loss with success for both Men and Women suffering from thinning hair and pattern baldness. There is absolutely no cure for hair loss / baldness. Anyone who claims that you can use their product for just a few months, grow all your hair back and then never have to use their product thereafter is misleading you. Therefore, Hair Genesis should be used for as long as you desire to improve your hair growth or maintain your results.

What may happen is I stop using Hair Genesis?

Hair Genesis is a hairloss treatment, although a remarkably safe and very effective treatment against pattern hair loss for both Men and Women. But you must understand that there is absolutely no cure for pattern hair loss or baldness. You can try to prevent hair loss or prevent more hair loss; you can try to slow down or stop existing hairloss from going further, or you can do nothing. But it is not like a disease that can be cured through the use of drugs, surgery, change of diet, etc.

Therefore, the benefits and results you may achieve can only be maintained as long as you continue to use one or more of the products to one extent or another, in a maintenance type treatment program. The reason for this is simple. Your body will continue to product DHT throughout your life. That is simply part of metabolism. Therefore, for as long as you want to maintain your hair or your results, you will have to use some product(s) to combat the effects of DHT. The following analogy will help you better understand this.

Let us consider a simple comparison with dental care. You cannot cure tooth decay. You can either try to prevent it by taking care of your teeth (through proper daily brushing, flossing, dental check-ups, etc) or by treating a cavity (or other tooth health concern) if it happens. But there is no drug or herbal product that you can take for a few months that will prevent tooth decay or cavities for the rest of your life.

If you stop brushing your teeth every day, what will happen? The answer is obvious. Sooner or later, you will get some kind of tooth decay, cavity or other serious health problem.

In the same way, if you stop using a hairloss treatment product, like HairGenesis, and thus stop blocking the formation of DHT everyday, then harmful DHT - formed inside your body and on your scalp - will once again start affecting your hair follicles and cause your hair to once again (or continue) grow thin and fall out.

If someone told you that they had a special tooth-paste that you only needed to use for six months and then you would never have to brush your teeth again, what would you think?

The answer is rather obvious! Tooth decay is going to happen unless you do something about it on a regular basis. It's just a part of daily hygiene. So if you wish to maintain strong, healthy, clean teeth, you have to brush two or three times a day, floss and see a dentist on a regular basis each year.

In the same way, if someone told you that they had a special hair loss treatment product that you only needed to use for six months and then you would never have to use again, what would you think?

Again, the answer is rather obvious! If you wish to maintain strong, healthy-looking hair, you have to apply the same kind of on-going hair hygiene as you do with your teeth. Just as tooth decay can be an on-going process, so is DHT metabolism in the body. DHT will continue to be formed in the body, whether you choose to do something about it or not.

So just as you will want to brush your teeth everyday, you would want to continue to block the formation and effects of DHT every day. You might not need to continue using the HairGenesis topical products, but we suggest you use the Hair Genesis Oral soft gels DHT Blockers (in a maintenance type program) to continue to block the DHT in the body. You probably already take various vitamin and mineral supplements. You might want to consider taking one or two soft gels each day along with your other nutritional supplements, in order to continue to maintain your hair.

We think that's a lot easier, a lot safer and a lot more effective than having to rub Minoxidil on your scalp, every day, twice a day (morning and night) for the rest of your life. (The reason is that if you use a Minoxidil product and then stop, you will lose all of the hair, usually just "peach fuzz" anyway, you may have grown back.)

Will HairGenesis interact with my medications?

HairGenesis is an extremely safe group of formulations. Typically, these products should cause no difficulties with any other dietary, vitamin or nutritional supplement. Furthermore, although HairGenesis should also not interfere with any of your prescription medications, for the definitive medical opinion on medical questions of this nature, we recommend that you consult your treating physician. Women who are pregnant are always advised to consult with their physician before using any medications or taking any nutritional supplements, whether ours or another's.

Can I use Hair Genesis if pregnant or nursing?

Although you may safely use the Hair Genesis topical products (Topical Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner), we suggest that you consult your physician before using the HairGenesis Oral soft gels DHT Blockers. In the same way, we also suggest you contact your doctor before taking any other oral supplement if you are pregnant or nursing. Generally, it is not recommended to use the oral DHT Blockers during such times.

Can HairGenesis help me to thicken my hair?

If your hair is thinning due to Male or Female pattern hair loss, then HairGenesis can help. It is thought that in the typical individual, a clinically obvious degree of hair loss only occurs when one has lost approximately 50% of one's hair density. Thus, a person may be actively losing hair for months and months or even years before such hair thinning or hair loss becomes visibly noticeable.  The Hair Genesis hairloss treatment products have been designed to enhance the health of scalp hair follicles, by blocking the harmful effects of DHT and inflammation in the scalp follicles, both of which contribute to hair thinning and loss of hair.  The products do not just coat existing hair to make it appear thicker (as one "hair loss treatment / hair growth product" does). Rather Hair Genesis helps your hair produce thicker, longer, healthier natural hair, while also helping to improve the rate at which hair may grow or regrow back.

Will Hair Genesis grow hair on my face or body?

No, unlike other types of hair loss treatment products, HairGenesis will not grow hair on other parts of the body. Pattern hair loss is caused by a particular sensitivity of certain scalp hair follicles to DHT. Therefore, the Hair Genesis hair loss / hair growth treatment products have been designed to work only in combating the harmful effects of the DHT on scalp hair follicles. This is another significant advantage to using Hair Genesis over the Finasteride drug products and the Minoxidil drug products listed below - No Side Effects.

In contrast, hair loss products which use the blood pressure drug Minoxidil can and do grow hair on other parts of the body. This is particularly true for Women who have reported growing facial hair when using Minoxidil. Some common hairloss treatment products which use Minoxidil in their topical solutions include: Rogaine™, Avacor™, Follicare™, Hair Advantage™, Kirkland Minoxidil™, Provillus™, ScalpMed™, and generic Minoxidil

If I am losing my eyebrows, can it help me?

Unfortunately no. We suggest you consult with a physician about this. Hair loss on the scalp is different than hairloss on other parts of the body, for various reasons. The HairGenesis Topical Lotion is designed to combat pattern hairloss on the scalp only - do NOT use on other parts of the body.

If I have lost most or all of my hair, can it help?

Unfortunately, if you are at an advanced stage of hairloss (see the Norwood hair loss chart ), and you have lost most or all of your hair (for example, you are bald) most likely neither our products nor any other products will be helpful. Moreover, there would be little that could be done to regrow hair on the scalp that has fallen out many, many years ago.

Moreover, you should know that Minoxidil, despite having a very low rate of success (Men - 26% and Women just 19%), will NOT work if your hairloss is more than about 3 - 4 years old or outside of the vertex area of the scalp (the top crown area at the back of the head). You can read this on the side of a box of Rogaine for Men or Rogaine for Women. If you lost a lot of hair, but still have some hair on your scalp, it may be possible to at least slow down or stop the hair loss altogether, so that perhaps you can possibly maintain what you do have left. Please call us to discuss this matter.

Can I use my own hair styling products?

Yes, generally you can use your own hair styling products, such as conditioners, hot oil treatments, gel, mousse, hairspray, hair rollers and curling irons, while using Hair Genesis for hair loss treatment. But as explained above, we strongly suggest you do some research on what chemicals are harsh or harmful to your hair and scalp and use a ceramic hair iron for curling or straightening, instead of a metal one.

Can I continue to perm, dye or straighten my hair?

Again, as a general rule, you may continue to do so, but keep in mind that such chemicals, as well as extremely high heats, can, in and of themselves, result in broken hair and hair loss. See the information above on hair styling products also.

If my hairloss is due to a bad perm, dye ...?

Although no formal studies have been undertaken to examine this question, there is generally no harm in testing HairGenesis within this context. In other words, hair follicles which have been damaged in this way from chemical exposure may benefit from using Hair Genesis.  However, no guarantee of effectiveness can be provided due to the lack of empirical scientific data in regard to this matter. It is believed that very hot curly irons or hair straighteners can damage hair. If you use a curling iron, we strongly suggest using only one with ceramic heat sensors, not metal. They may cost more, but is it worth damaging your beautiful hair? Likewise, it is believed that hair coloring products which use the chemical LYE or amonia, contribute to damaged hair follicles and hair loss. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you try to find natural hair coloring products which do not use these or other harsh chemicals.

Is HairGenesis available in Hair Salons or Stores?

Although there are some select hair salons which carry our products, in order to keep costs competitive, HairGenesis is not yet generally available through retail distribution. Moreover, many people have personal questions about hair loss that they want answers for, and our staff are trained to answer those questions for you. If they cannot, you will be asked to send your question to our Research Department.

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Unique & Patent-Pending non-Drug botanical Hairloss treatment products, using multiple proven natural DHT Blockers in all products to Block DHT, plus now combats  Inflammation in the hair follicles, a second major cause of pattern hair loss in both Men and Women!

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Hair Genesis™ works. Most hair loss products have little or no research on their products or formulations. HairGenesis™ has more research and more clinical studies. No other non-Drug / botanical hair loss product has ANY study results accepted and published in peer-reviewed medical journals. We have TWO published studies. Hair Genesis™ is simply the best hairloss treatment product for Male or Female pattern hairloss.

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