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The Truth About Beauty, by Kat James. Best-selling author on beauty tips heartily endorses HairGenesis products for hair loss  treatment
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How can Hair Genesis Products combat Male & Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Thoroughly cleanse the scalp and hair follicles, helping to remove harmful DHT...

Help prevent harmful DHT from binding (locking) inside the hair follicles Androgen Receptor Sites (ARS)...

Then help strengthen and protect the hair follicles and roots with nutrients ...

Further helps to inhibit / block the production of more DHT in the body & on the scalp ... 

Now also helps to combat a second major cause of pattern hair loss: Inflamation in the hair follicles ...

Hair Genesis is the only hairloss treatment product on the market (whether drug or botanical) which combats TWO(2) significant causes of hairloss: harmful DHT plus Inflammation in the hair follicles ...

Hair Genesis is the only botanical hair loss treatment product which has multiple independent, third party research studies and also the only non-drug hairloss product for Men and Women with any research study results which have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals ...

Order New and Improved Hair Genesis - Generation 4

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Hair Genesis™ works. Most hair loss products have little or no research on their products or formulations. HairGenesis™ has more research and more clinical studies. No other non-Drug / botanical hair loss product has ANY study results accepted and published in peer-reviewed medical journals. We have TWO published studies. Hair Genesis™ is simply the best hairloss treatment product for Male or Female pattern hairloss.

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